I’m fairly sure I don’t have the absolute shittiest lot in life, but today was fraught with equal measure of bad news and bad experience. And no, obviously the universe is not against me, but what perfect timing it had today.

I’m determined to hang on, but at this moment I’m wondering where that determination comes from and I don’t know if it will last. The indelibility of that which is unknown cannot be known. - How’s that for a pithy statement?


He must find his own way to survive and prosper, turning challenge into opportunity.

a) Punching above his weight
b) Severely out of his depth
c) Merely feeling like he is b)
d) All of the above

- A pervasive feeling of being lost in every module
- Low rate of absorbtion when reading articles, cases, or any other literature
- Getting used to reading off a screen because paper is too wasteful/expensive
- Feeling inadequately prepared
- Feeling guilty about doing anything other than studying
- Not studying anyway
- Fighting away impulses to brush off things like eating, going to the toilet, and social interaction as wasting time

"The leisure and the fearful time
Cuts off the ceremonious vows of love
And ample interchange of sweet discourse,
Which so-long-sundered friends should dwell upon.
God give us leisure for these rites of love!
Once more, adieu. Be valiant, and speed well."

-Richard III, [5.3.101-107] (via noogeroo)

Seemed apt for the start of school… Where friendships are quantified by how many readings or sets of notes they will yield. 

Everytime you come up against opposition or difficulty or struggle, and you think to yourself, “That’s it, I’m falling apart”, and then you have to go through one more trial, and you don’t fall apart. That’s when you figure out that the edge of the cliff is further than you thought.

One day when I’m rolling in money I will dispense it with impunity and not worry about having to owe anyone, and not have to worry about running out, and give it to people in need, in amounts carefully calculated to be just copious enough to arouse suspicions of my incipient anarcho-practicalist tendencies.


some thoughts from the past few days 

  1. Camera: Canon CanoScan LiDE 210

Hiding away in an unlocked bunk in Seletar camp because I’m 30 minutes early and I have no friends here to go find, the clouds that had been looming all morning finally burst out in a steady shower. A moment ago I was 30 minutes early and now I feel like I was just in time.

And as the cool wind brings in a light mist of freshly fallen rain, a thought comes to my mind; if this is a sign, then maybe it’s saying, hey, things do work out in the end.